What Triggers Entrepreneurial Fear?

Entrepreneurship is a treacherous field, where you will constantly experience risks, fears, uncertainty, and self-doubts, and these can often be a barrier to perusing your dreams. You need to be prepared for these risks and overcome your fears proactively. The greatest obstacle to start a small business is not actually about products selling or money – it’s fear. All the entrepreneurs face internal questioning and uncertainty while bringing their own unique idea out of their head into reality and it is obvious but, you must travel in the direction of your fear.

Where Does Fear Come From?

These fears arise because most of us do not know where to start when initially we bring our ideas on a platform. Sometimes this happens because you are not aware of the other successful entrepreneurs of the same field and therefore you are confined to your own thoughts. You are afraid of your competitors.

The Fear of Failure

You fear not because of your employee, partners, and investors relying on you but mostly because you don’t want yourself to be a failure. You have to prove yourself that you have the potential to make your dreams come true. No matter how successful or experience an entrepreneur is, he will face this internal fear when taking on the new endeavor. That’s why when people from same trade and seldom meet together, even for a merriment and diversion, but the conversion ends in a conspiracy against the public.

Conquering The Start-Up Fear

“You cannot achieve success in any business without believing that it is the greatest business in the world…you have to put your heart in the business and business in your heart.” Getting started with an entirely new idea is really tough and scary too. As it is completely different from your daily routine and therefore what most people lack in, is the patience, determination and the ability to plan.

Where to Start?

Start by identifying overall mission of the company, set small competently achievable goals which will boost your confidence. Have a proper planning and work accordingly.Your mind is your greatest asset for success in business and confusions are obvious so accept all confusions but make your own decisions and stick to them. People may tell you that you are crazy for giving up a good job, but trust what you know and take action.

The ‘Right Time‘ to Start

Know that there is no ‘right time’ to start. Never let fear of failure stop from making new decisions. Just try. No matter if you fail. Try again, fail again and fail better. Remember you will be a loser only if you allow yourself to be. So believe in yourself, take on your challenges and dig deep within yourself
to conquer fears.

Shaping The Ideas

Generating an idea is somewhat simple but implementing it, is a hard nut to crack. Every time you observe or experience a problem, thousands of ideas cross your mind simultaneously. It is easy to come up with new ideas, but astonishing at every new idea may lead to overwhelming. Before start working on an idea, you must know that how serious and passionate you are about the particular idea. Working simultaneously on different idea might break your train of thoughts and you may drown between the two boats. So don’t try to spread yourself too thin and keep your mind on one track.

The flow is stated which does not have a beginning or an end. It is sandwiched between arousal and control. So know your flows. Think on your feet, Identify which is ‘your’ abstract idea. Flirt with the ideas. Pick up the intangible idea among millions; which is out of the constraints and has the possibilities of the real world. Be cognizant; identify your strengths, weaknesses and available resources and then work accordingly.

When It Comes to Grief

The basic human tendency is to get threatened by the possible negative results and hesitate to start a new beginning. This is the basic problem which reduces the zeal and enthusiasm of people to enter into the field of entrepreneurship. This does not mean that you should not think about future, but it means we should not fear about the future.

There are always two consequences when we fail, either we lose our hope and start finding excuses for it, and start weeping over it or, we rise again with a smile on our face, a lesson from our downfall in our mind, and more enthusiasm in our spirit. But the ideal approach towards success is the second one. One should not let the situation overpower him, rather, he should overpower the situation, and if not so he should rise up again and again for that.
In entrepreneurship career also, there are many times, when we fail, but we should not see that as a failure, rather, we should visualize it as an experience and the next time we should apply that experience and again gear up ourselves towards our goal. Our approach should be like an ant, going back towards its anthill, no matter how many obstructions we place in its path; it will create its way. We should also remember one thing that, problems are there to be solved, not to get disappointed by them and get retarded.