Social Dynamics and Communication Skills

Social dynamics and communication skills are two essential aspects in this ever changing environment. In order to maintain the social dynamics of the society, an individual needs to be good communicator. Communication is a means by which we share views, ideas, and thoughts with each other. In today’s time, it is important to have good communication skills as it helps us to interact easily. The main aim of communication is to enhance the use of language in a better way. It always helps you in the workplace for team building, helps with diversity, global business, employee moral.. and many more. Social dynamics brings together ideas from economics, sociology , social psychology and other disciplines. It basically deals with the changes in society. Social dynamics such as conference, interviews and even conversation during networking call for excellent communication skills

Big Basket:India's Largest Online Supermarket

Launched in 2011 the ace leader in grocery market ‘Big Basket’ has literally revolutionized the Indian mentality of shopping for grocery. Changing the servile mediocre way of shopping for groceries by doorstep service Big Basket made it big. Company’s work in instant delivery space, quality of product and wide range availability drew the best business figure for them. Big Basket compensates a customer every time when it is not able to deliver in given time, which has added to the high excellence in customer feedback.

Moulding According to Customer’s Need

With their immense understanding and experience of business and market, the founders build the strong and stable economy for the company. Their former big small success and failures drew them to sketch the victory picture of the company. Their customer friendly planning and marketing strategies led to its constant exponential growth. The company has crossed its million orders already.

The Huge Scalability

Operating in over 35 cities providing more than 12000 products and 1000 brands and headed to hit more with average order valuing about Rs. 1500, and 35000 orders a day the company is setting benchmarks. Started from 3 cities this Bengaluru based startup has done the sky business of 100s of million already. Right from conceptualizing to advertising the Big Basket has customer oriented yet an innovative set of approach drawing the best figures of success for them.

Every day is like a battle in the ultimate journey of an entrepreneurial dream, and one must stand again after biting the dust in order to live the dream. This is the story of Nemesh Singh and his team who founded an online scheduling software company Appointy. Nemesh who calls himself an engineer by chance, not by choice did his B.E (Mech.) from OIST College Bhopal. Where he didn’t succeed to get a job which made him start a journey from his bedroom with the computer his father gifted to a company which serves over 100K customers in more than 110 countries with not more than 1% of Indian customers. It’s not a fabled tale that Appointy is now making about $450 Mn+ of commerce every year for clients.

A Story Full of Hurdles

The story of Appointy is rather an adventurous one than a cakewalk. Initial experiences were like a mountain climb which taught them the good and odds of this relentless and ever challenging world. Right when the graph of change was at its absolute extreme exponent, the commencement of 21 st century when the world of internet was a
teenager, Nemesh and his team have been a long way. Working as a freelancer they initially developed websites for customers, after 3 years he moved on from websites to building products. For their first ever cheque for their product Extreme Call Manager, Nemesh tells that literally his shoes got torn pitching to buyers. The experience taught him that back then, Indian clients are reluctant to pay. Dues for about 7- 8 of his projects never happened, which discredited that market as of their dream and cleared the picture of the market of their interest.

Why Not in India?

The market understanding led them to focus on outsourced projects from outside the country. And even asked the clients not to pay upfront money instead of pay if they liked the work. They would deliver the work at lower cost in less time. This paid off making them ground stable and accepted.

Revolution in Online Scheduling

Then Appointy was found in 2007 an online scheduling software which helps the businesses to focus more on their clients and increase the productivity. By the use of open and spare times, the companies were at positive output. The update of social networks, alerts, memorandum, reminders, professional calendars, discount coupons, pre-payments and some other methods to solve the problem were made easy with this.

The Unique Feature!

They were the first team to develop a free plugin to add Facebook ‘Like’ support on a site. This was a hit and turned out to be their record written in gold and advertisement for Appointy in plugins. Appointy survived two major befalls, overcoming bankruptcy they come out as the diamond from the pressure. The right market and better work made it all real. After their setback in 2011, they started with a new approach, monetizing Appointy as a SaaS-based business. Pro planning and acquiring more and more customers were the major nourishment in

Almost 20000 appointments are booked through Appointy every day now. The tough track of commerce is now not a startling factor for Appointy. This is about success and glory, and which has a story.

Read About These 3 Accidental Entrepreneurs!

Some of the most flourishing and encouraging entrepreneurs never set out with the goal of running a big company. Many are simply provoked to develop solutions to a problem that they face. And these solutions come to them as ideas that turn into business ventures. Here are some of the stories of accidental entrepreneurs:

1. Doug Lacombe

After losing his job found himself wondering what to do next. After spending six months looking for a full-time job, Lacombe opened Communicatto, a digital marketing firm that has been a growing successfully.

2. Janine Allis

Founder of Boost Juice, a housewife who turned into entrepreneur overnight. She had no business experience before. One day she came up with an idea and turned it into a multinational corporation with over 400 stores in 12 countries. She believes that there is no right way to business success and that anyone is capable of succeeding.


3. Melissa Kieling

She is another accidental entrepreneur who founded PackIt, which makes foldable, freezable lunch bags. PackIt has been named one of the fastest growing private companies. Kieling, a single mother who at one point had just some dollars left in her account, said that she started PackIt at her kitchen table after years of finding ways to
keep the fresh healthy lunches she packed for her kids.