Think Different

Think different it is the only path going towards your better and successful future. Everyone have there own way of thinking. There’s one out of ten who have the thoughts beyond everyone’s expectations and they are the Entrepreneurs . Entrepreneur have the thought not similar to anyone, there ideas are different from everyone which makes them successful. “Think Different” is the word which definer itself . The way we think represents our personality and presence of mind in every situation. An individual should have better ideas to implement a  better surrounding. A good listener and a good readers are always a good thinker too. Taking risks and thinking different is the major characteristics of an Entrepreneur. It doesn’t have any drawbacks so why don’t we start it from today just keep in mind we have our own capacity to think and we can THINK DIFFERENT

Social Dynamics and Communication Skills

Social dynamics and communication skills are two essential aspects in this ever changing environment. In order to maintain the social dynamics of the society, an individual needs to be good communicator. Communication is a means by which we share views, ideas, and thoughts with each other. In today’s time, it is important to have good communication skills as it helps us to interact easily. The main aim of communication is to enhance the use of language in a better way. It always helps you in the workplace for team building, helps with diversity, global business, employee moral.. and many more. Social dynamics brings together ideas from economics, sociology , social psychology and other disciplines. It basically deals with the changes in society. Social dynamics such as conference, interviews and even conversation during networking call for excellent communication skills

Entrepreneurship In Rural India

India is a country of villages where more than half of the population resides in rural areas. India’s progress is thus highly dependent on the development in the rural areas. India is predominantly a rural-based economy and its growth would have a significant impact on the growth of the country as well.

A Sea of Opportunities

Rural entrepreneurship will provide ample of opportunities to people who migrate from rural to urban areas in search of jobs. Rural entrepreneurship can also fill in the gap between the income imbalance of rural and urban people. There are many business fields in which rural people can enter into such as agro-based industries, handicraft industries, service industries and various other avenues to adopt entrepreneurship.

Make In India

By providing them with technology and entrepreneurial skills to grow local businesses and develop professional careers locally will help rural entrepreneurs to grow and boost in their respective areas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative focuses on making India a global manufacturing hub, by encouraging domestic companies to manufacture their products in the country. And this can be achieved only when we will think seriously about promoting entrepreneurship on a large scale and reaching out to every corner of our country.

Dharavi: Entrepreneurship In Its Rarest Form

Dharavi is home to hundreds of big-small scale businesses, from leather and textile industries to pottery and embroidery, huge recycling industry processing waste from other parts of Mumbai. It exports goods around the world with the economy over US$1 billion per year. Dharavi has endless talent and craftsman working harder and better every day to produce a variety of goods. And to bring these entrepreneurs and artist on the platform of world approach and exploration, is doing the wonder in the entrepreneurial sky.

An E-Commerce Never Seen Before

E-Commerce is increasing exponentially, the effect of technology’s advancements and reach has strengthened and spread e-commerce, understanding the potential Megha Gupta founded ‘’ in August 2014. The company has 1000s of registered craftsmen providing various products with variations in design and ranges.

Richest of The Poors

The smooth and transparent working of the system has countered the turbulence in the market of Dharavi. Artisans in Dharavi were just laborers due to unavailability of rigid linkage to the world, they were stuck in the mire of profane routes, step-ups like this are there channelizing the odds for the perfect even and adding to the great in reaching bigger numbers for business. Megha is heading for future to implement the Social Capital Credits Program (SoCC), which is the aim of their partnership with URBZ to improve the life quality of artisans and craftsmen.

This initiative is uniquely special as it has given the voice and vision for the dingy and drowned cells of Dharavi, people living their reflect their culture with work, the recognition for their work is making not to just for their bread but also for their social integrity.