Think Different

Think different it is the only path going towards your better and successful future. Everyone have there own way of thinking. There’s one out of ten who have the thoughts beyond everyone’s expectations and they are the Entrepreneurs . Entrepreneur have the thought not similar to anyone, there ideas are different from everyone which makes them successful. “Think Different” is the word which definer itself . The way we think represents our personality and presence of mind in every situation. An individual should have better ideas to implement a  better surrounding. A good listener and a good readers are always a good thinker too. Taking risks and thinking different is the major characteristics of an Entrepreneur. It doesn’t have any drawbacks so why don’t we start it from today just keep in mind we have our own capacity to think and we can THINK DIFFERENT

Entrepreneurial Education

Ideas for start-ups often begin with a problem that needs to solve and they don’t usually come when you sit idle. They tend to reveal themselves while you are hard at work on something else. Self-confidence, autonomy, strong work ethic, ambition, empathy are traits of a successful entrepreneur. Current marketing relies on social media platforms to globalize your business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can easily get you more customers if you present your products and business effectively. Turning the idea into reality makes a business successful. Entrepreneurship by nature has inherent risk. It is necessary to take calculated risks to become a true entrepreneur. Listening to stories of successful people to discover their potential for a more fulfilling career and life. Entrepreneurship education is concerned with fostering creative skills that can be applied in practices, education, and environments supporting innovation. Entrepreneurship education helps improve their cognition, constantly adjust their thoughts and actions, and make their entrepreneurship more directional, coherent and meaningful.

4 Startups That Tasted Terrible Failure And Then Climbed Up The Success Ladder

Failure teaches you the most important lesson that success can never teach. Failure helps you to not repeat the same mistakes that you repeated earlier and if you don’t learn anything from your mistakes then you can never succeed. So here are the stories about people who found super success after overcoming failure.

Bill Gates first company was a complete failure:

Bill Gates is now one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, but he didn't achieve success at his first attempt. He entered the entrepreneurial scene with a company called Traf-O- Data, which aimed to process and analyze the data from traffic tapes. He tried to sell the idea alongside his business partner, Paul Allen but the product didn’t even work and was a complete disaster but this didn't stop him,  a few years later, he created his first Microsoft product and achieved tremendous success.

Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity:

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he was told he lacked creativity. Trying to persevere, he formed his first animation company, which was called Laugh -O – Gram films. He raised $15, 000 for the company but was eventually was forced to close Laugh-O -Gram, following the close of an important distributor partner.

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company:

Steve Jobs found success in his 20’s when Apple became a massive empire, but when he was 30, Apple’s board of directors decided to fire him but that didn’t make him lose his willpower and determination, he founded a new company, NEXT, which was eventually acquired by Apple. Once back at Apple he took the Apple brand to new heights.

Milton Hershey started three candy companies before Hershey’s:

When Milton Hershey first started his candy production career, he was nobody. He started three separate candy related ventures, all of which failed. In one last attempt, Hershey founded the Lancaster Caramel Company. As he started to see enormous results, he built on his vision for a brand of chocolate for the masses and started Hershey’s.

6 Celebrities Who Turned Into Successful Entrepreneurs

Stardom surely brings prosperity and fame but not stability and security. That is why many celebrities walked down to the path of entrepreneurship to make their mark in the business industry. These celebrities have made leading brands, companies, and fine dining restaurants that have made a huge fortune by thriving in the entrepreneurial world. So here are some of your favorite celebrities who managed to emerge out as successful business owners

1. Robert De Niro

Academy Award winner Robert De Niro is the co-founder of the successful chain of NOBU restaurants located at around thirty places in the world. In an interview, De Niro said he does not even remember how many places he has invested in.

2. Shahrukh Khan

The King of Bollywood runs a production house called Red Chillies Pvt. Ltd. and is the owner of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. Recently, he has also bought 26 percent shares of the Indian franchise of KidZania, an international chain of family entertainment centers.

3. Victoria Beckham

The famous supermodel who is married to David Beckham is recently named as the top entrepreneur in the U.K. Her leading eponymous fashion label has increased sales by a factor of 30 since launching in 2008. In 2011, she also won Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

4. Jennifer Aniston

The mega-movie star of the 90’s, Jennifer is a co-owner of Living Proof, a hair care company, launched two fragrances, with her most recent being J by Jennifer Aniston.

5. Jessica Alba

While she has found plenty of success in Hollywood, her business venture The Honest Co. makes environmentally friendly baby products is the household product is valued in billions.

6. Sunil Shetty

Sunil is probably the smartest businessman in Bollywood. As he is a fitness freak, Sunil runs a number of gyms across India. He also owns a production house named Popcorn Entertainment. Sunil is the owner of Mischief, a series of boutiques spread across Mumbai. He is also into designing and development of luxury real estate projects through his venture S2 Reality. Besides these, he also runs a few restaurants in Mumbai too.

Ambitions Should Soar, Not Creep

We came across many entrepreneurs who have the zest and the zeal, they have the entrepreneurial spirit in them, but they do not reach their desired heights. If some of them attain it, they failed to maintain it. Success is not the sweetest, it seems to be. Just like to comprehend the nectar requires sorest need.

How Can You Achieve Entrepreneurial Success?

So how can we achieve the perfect entrepreneurial success? First of all don’t expect opportunities to be created, create your own opportunities. Always carry a positive attitude. A good attitude is contagious and always inspires others. If you need to fake it until you make it, so be it. Kent said: “Positive thinking is powerful thinking. If you want happiness, fulfillment, success and inner peace, start thinking you have the power to achieve those things. Focus on the bright side of life and expect positive results.”

Dream First

Well Begun is half done, so in order to achieve the perfect entrepreneurial success, you have to dream first. Start cultivating great dreams; prepare your plans such that they must have a dream, a vision, a purpose and a mission. Make someone your mentor to ensure that you are on the correct path. Take decisions on your own, drop everything and set your aim to only one goal, be disruptive, just color out of the lines and keep challenging yourself.

What Triggers Entrepreneurial Fear?

Entrepreneurship is a treacherous field, where you will constantly experience risks, fears, uncertainty, and self-doubts, and these can often be a barrier to perusing your dreams. You need to be prepared for these risks and overcome your fears proactively. The greatest obstacle to start a small business is not actually about products selling or money – it’s fear. All the entrepreneurs face internal questioning and uncertainty while bringing their own unique idea out of their head into reality and it is obvious but, you must travel in the direction of your fear.

Where Does Fear Come From?

These fears arise because most of us do not know where to start when initially we bring our ideas on a platform. Sometimes this happens because you are not aware of the other successful entrepreneurs of the same field and therefore you are confined to your own thoughts. You are afraid of your competitors.

The Fear of Failure

You fear not because of your employee, partners, and investors relying on you but mostly because you don’t want yourself to be a failure. You have to prove yourself that you have the potential to make your dreams come true. No matter how successful or experience an entrepreneur is, he will face this internal fear when taking on the new endeavor. That’s why when people from same trade and seldom meet together, even for a merriment and diversion, but the conversion ends in a conspiracy against the public.

Conquering The Start-Up Fear

“You cannot achieve success in any business without believing that it is the greatest business in the world…you have to put your heart in the business and business in your heart.” Getting started with an entirely new idea is really tough and scary too. As it is completely different from your daily routine and therefore what most people lack in, is the patience, determination and the ability to plan.

Where to Start?

Start by identifying overall mission of the company, set small competently achievable goals which will boost your confidence. Have a proper planning and work accordingly.Your mind is your greatest asset for success in business and confusions are obvious so accept all confusions but make your own decisions and stick to them. People may tell you that you are crazy for giving up a good job, but trust what you know and take action.

The ‘Right Time‘ to Start

Know that there is no ‘right time’ to start. Never let fear of failure stop from making new decisions. Just try. No matter if you fail. Try again, fail again and fail better. Remember you will be a loser only if you allow yourself to be. So believe in yourself, take on your challenges and dig deep within yourself
to conquer fears.

Entrepreneurship is not about just creating a company but about the journey of walking on the path full of thorns and obstacles till you reach the success. It is like moving from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. It takes the courage and ability to remain comfortable in times of discomfort where the more you cultivate being at ease during the time of challenge, the greater your life will be.

Starting as an entrepreneur is like putting yourself on sale where every day you will experience new encumbrance and challenges. An entrepreneur is like an artist who is essentially a visualizer, who can visualize something and knows how exactly to make it happen. An entrepreneur should have a healthy dose of desire to reach their big vision if they want to eventually arrive at success. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to get started with your first endeavor; you need to get started with your first endeavor to be an entrepreneur. Don’t stop on
failure; keep moving ahead on the journey of achieving something.

Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Narrative

1. Lalfakzuali

A Mizoram woman, once who lost everything to those ‘three’ devastating words, which belonged to her, who once had nothing to hold on to in this big wide world, but the tables turned and she literally wove her future with her own hands. With the help of ‘Milaap’, one of India’s biggest funding platform for social and personal causes. She and her
sister are running the weaving business embarking grace on their own life and inspiring others. She now owns 5 looms, employs 4 more women and runs a business headed to prosperity.

2. Ela Bhatt

Along with late Arvind Buch, the then president of Textile Labour Association, Ela founded SEWA (Self Employed Women Association) which has played a major role in the development of women in Bihar.
For her excellent work in the field of labor and microfinance, Ela has been awarded the Raman Magsaysay Award, Padmashri, and Padmavibhushan.

3. Thinlas Chorol

There’s no mountain higher than the reach of perseverance of a strong head and heart. In 2009 Thinlas founded a ladakhi women’s travel company. She has encouraged many young women to overcome the barriers and earn a living in mountaineering. Thinlas studied in SEMCOL, she is the only ladakhi woman to be professionally trained in the field of mountaineering.


ER4U-Easy Retail For You

Retailers have a high risqué and complicated environment conditions to work in the tricky and tiresome tracts of trade. The retail market has to deal with the management of inventory and its cost, clearance of existing stock, e-commerce scenario and the challenges possessed by the competition of market situations. ER4U provides a service to retailers which deals with factors like purchase, inventory, sales, accounts, human resource and customer relationship management, benefiting store and e-commerce sales with easy to operate the software. The true increment and smooth proceeding in sells is the outcome for the retailers by the assistance of ER4U.

The Help Gained From Background

Abhinav Saxena and Sohil Bansal launched the startup in June 2015, which has now served more than 50 retailers in Indore and Bhopal. Coming from a retail business background they had the understanding of the economy of the retail market and also the retailer mindset, which made them realize about the discrepancy of the current scene challenges and the traditional method approach. The lack of proper infrastructure and state of distance from modern technology discourages the workflow.

Solving a Big Problem!

This unorganized sector excited them to work in this direction where they had a solution of a problem. The competition was not their priority of focus instead they had a clear intention of simplification of software and system. ER4U boarded suppliers onto the system enabling them to form an interactive community for the benefits of multidirectional interests. A single channel with every sect of interest is definitely the need of traders and
their suppliers and ER4U is their doing so, revolutionizing the market.