Social dynamic and Communication.

The concept of social responsibilities of the entrepreneur is a source for gaining social power by the entrepreneurs,because by fulfilling social responsibilities, he or she becomes able to gain social power also. It is the responsibility which comes within or we can say that it is a natural spirit of entrepreneurs. The social responsibilities helps entrepreneurs to develop various new ideas and methodology to execute it. In this journey entrepreneurs should keep in mind about how they communicate with others because communication is so important in todays life. As a entrepreneur you will have to know various skills to communicate and convey your thoughts. If you want to achieve great success as an entrepreneur, then you will most assuredly have to learn how to listen attentively. Listening is a essential part of communication and for great success in life. It is important for you to be well-versed in getting your message across effectively so that it has the impact you desire. Some of the communication done in business via the written text, emails, letters, text messages, on social media etc. For conveying your message you must write well you have to check if there is any word error or spelling or grammar etc. In today’s world social responsibility and communication is so important for making strong bond with customer or investors. For maintaining the social dynamics of the society one should be a good communicator. Enhancing our skills by communicating  is important now a days.

Better Thinking

Think better, be better, and make better decisions. You can’t think your way into better living, but you can live your way into better thinking. The difference between humans and animals is the ability to think. Obviously both have there own thinking but human have the power to implement it in their own  way and share it with everyone. Sometimes our surrounding may effect our thinking, the people around us may change our thinking. Albert Einstein said once “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. Mind is a sword having double-edge. Filling it with positive thoughts leads us to a productive and fruitful life and negative thoughts leads us to defeated, inferior life. So think positive and be productive.

What is Risk?

Risk can be defined as possibility of failure or loss or other adverse consequences in pursuing some activity or venture. For entrepreneurs, there is no secure monthly income, and spending time with family can be a challenge. An entrepreneur will need funds to launch a business either in the form of loans from investors, their own savings, or funds from family. The founder will have to put their own “skin in the game”. An impressive business plan will appeal to investors. However, we live in a dynamic and fast speedy world where strategies can become outdated quickly. Many factors can affect the market for a product or service. The ups and downs of the economy and new market trends pose a risk to new businesses, and a certain product might be popular one year but not the next. An entrepreneur should always be aware of its competitors. If there are no competitors at all, this could indicate that there is no demand for a product. A business’s reputation is everything, and this can be particularly when a new business is launched and customers have preconceived expectations. Some things cannot be controlled by a good business plan or the right insurance. However, with the right planning, funding, and flexibility, businesses have a better chance of succeeding.

Challenges the main factor!!

Entrepreneurs are those people who have the idea to figure out the problems. They have great idea, they know how to execute it, and once they decide to start, no one can stop them. While all this is true, challenges faced by entrepreneurs are still common. When entrepreneurs are supposed to be focusing on just the idea, they actually have to handle finances, attract customers, and also manage other business tasks. Some challenges faced by entrepreneurs are:

  • Financial Management: It has been roughly estimated that 80% of entrepreneurs have to fund their own start-up and only 20% get this funding from investors, bank, or family. Further, they already be battling with seed funding and struggling to sustain liquid capital. So, it is difficult for them to manage finances and keep the cash flow steady.
  • Stress Management: Stress and anxiety are obvious when you hold the solo responsibility of making decisions. With every step comes the fear of failure and doing something wrong. Every time you take an off day, go on a vacation or spend time with friends, the guilt of reducing office time is concomitant.
  • Discipline : Even the most talented entrepreneurs fail because of lack of discipline. Having a great idea is one thing, but executing it with discipline is another.
  • Finding Customers: Most start-ups don’t have huge funding, which restricts their marketing efforts. This challenge of entrepreneurship reduces the outreach and hampers the ability to find new customers.
  • Hiring Employees: There is no best way to hire the right employees. You will never know how an employee will turn out before they start working with you.

What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges. if you’re going to dedicate yourself for starting and nurturing a business to success, it’s going to be nearly impossible to manage another career. One of the amazing things about entrepreneurs is that they don’t see barriers and their interpretation of these obstacles are simply that there is a challenge that lies ahead, and they can solve it. Another amazing thing about entrepreneurs is that they can think differently and innovate better than anyone. The way to create more economic opportunity in developing countries is to nurture and grow the community of entrepreneurs and encourage everyone to start a business that they are passionate about but there are many problems for starting of a business. Entrepreneurship by its nature is about solving problems. You need to reshuffle your resources in a different way. The great thing about all entrepreneurs is that they are by the nature, optimists. Every day entrepreneurs are using their sense of optimism to come up with solutions that normal people believe are impossible. By creating and inspiring more people to become entrepreneurs we change people’s perception of their own self-worth. One of best thing about entrepreneurship is that it encourages and increases the speed of innovation.


Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency to achieve organizational goals.Leadership is an important factor for making an organisation successful. Leadership transforms the potential intoreality. Leadership being the most influential element of any business has the greatest impact on the results. For any project to be successful the choice of a competent leader is important. An organization without a leader is like a ship without a captain. A leader is a man with a vision he has to express his vision to the team and let his words turn into action. The group performing together to achieve a particular goal includes working members/ employees and a person guiding them and organizing the coordinated actions, called a leader. Enthusiasm for the mission is what all matters the most. Work becomes a load when the leader is not passionate about it. A leader must buck up the team and build their morale high so that they work harder. By building confidence, supportive environment employee productivity can be increased. An inspirational leader must have crystal clear vision of the goal. A Great leader can see the brighter side of an issue. Ups and downs are a part of any business. A truly inspirational leader stays positive and becomes a source of continuous positive vibes for his team. Listening to the ideas and even demands of the employees make a leader gain the interest of his crew. The person leading and managing the team acts as a channel between the team members and the organization they are working for.Leadership and management are closely linked functions. A good leader without an effective management is not fruitful and the same goes for an effective management working without a good leader.

Focus is also important

You are living in a fast-speedy world where you can get distracted easily by a lot of things every day. You can try everything but if you lack focus in your life, it is pretty impossible to become successful. When you focus on your life to make it better, it will start to get better eventually. Focus will help you to discover the path that you don’t even know exist. First, understand what distracts you from concentrating and then, devote effort to diminish the distractor. It is important to organize and prepare yourself accordingly before taking on new tasks. It can be difficult to focus on something when you are around other people or when people distract you with their conversation. It is important to put borders between you and others whenever it is necessary for you to have some time by yourself to complete your tasks. It is important not only to isolate yourself from people and get rid of things that distract you, but also to be concentrated when you are doing something important. Focus is so important because it is the gateway to all thinking, perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. Without good focus, all aspects of your ability to think will suffer.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” ― Albert Einstein

It is always said that if one wants to create a perfect personality and a cheerful mind one must put himself through various emotional and physical challenges, which helps to create appreciation for the little things in life, things which can bring us eternal joy.When a human being is challenged both physically and mentally, he pushes himself to be better, thus pushes against his self-created boundaries, boundaries which only hindered his path to progress. Positive thinking is an integral part to a healthy life. The mind holds the power to make our life heaven or hell. It is up to the person to decide how he invests the power of his brain. The first step of self-improvement requires you to become more self-aware and get to know yourself better. It gives you a better understanding of what you are seeking and where you are likely to thrive and excel. The goal of improving yourself should be to look beyond those weaknesses that are stopping you from achieving greatness. Accept your weaknesses, identify where they came from and be determined to overcome them. The comfort zone is a dangerous place to be in. It surely feels good, but it also denotes stagnancy and where there is stagnancy, one will never find growth. One of the biggest importance of self-improvement is the positive impact on mental health. Every fear and weakness you overcome motivates you to continue on the path of self-improvement and evolve further. Self-improvement and motivation go hand in hand. When you see yourself developing as a human being, you are filled with optimism and the drive to push yourself to do better.

Mental health plays a major role in people’s ability to maintain good physical health. Mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, affect one’s ability to participate in health-promoting behaviors. Mental health is a state of stable performance of mental function, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships with other people, and the ability to adapt to the change and to cope with the challenges. It is essential for personal well-being, family and interpersonal relationships, and the ability to contribute to community or society.Mental health and physical health are closely connected.When you are in physical pain for instance, your work and family life may be affected. But this can also weaken your state of mind, manifesting itself in cases such as stress, anxiety and hence depression. This problems can also kill your productivity. In general, individuals who have mental health issues are very much disturbed in their present life. Even when at work, they can’t seem to fully focus on their tasks either. Mental health includes our emotional, social as well as psychological well-being, it affects how one think, feel and act, it also help determine how one may handle stress and relate to others and make choices. Don’t take your mental health lightly. Treat it as important as your physical health as it plays a vital role at every stage of life from childhood through adulthood and senior years. Therefore, stay physically active and mentally fit!

Success Related to failure

Success is milestone achieved after continuous struggles, hard work, pains, motivation, failures, and repeated efforts. It can never be static or one spot destination. The one who dare to fail have the courage to rise. We all know that failure is temporary delay not a permanent defeat. Therefore, take risks in life because one who possess audacity of facing fear and risk becomes successful in life. Failure is not fatal or dead end, it is the courage to continue that counts. One should be a steady rock for the journey of success from the process of learning. Their will be obstacles and hindrances on the way of success but it’s your choice that will decide your success. The harder the circumstances, the more success comes to you. One should be patient enough to face the hard times just keep struggling and work hard, your hard work will never go in vain. Every effort of your is counted. Follow your passion calmly. One day success will knock your door. But the success is a continuous journey not a final destination. Therefore, never only aim to attain success. Learn how to maintain and guard your success. Lead life in such a way that when you die, people give example of your success. Make your success an example to the generation to come.