Read About These 3 Accidental Entrepreneurs!

Some of the most flourishing and encouraging entrepreneurs never set out with the goal of running a big company. Many are simply provoked to develop solutions to a problem that they face. And these solutions come to them as ideas that turn into business ventures. Here are some of the stories of accidental entrepreneurs:

1. Doug Lacombe

After losing his job found himself wondering what to do next. After spending six months looking for a full-time job, Lacombe opened Communicatto, a digital marketing firm that has been a growing successfully.

2. Janine Allis

Founder of Boost Juice, a housewife who turned into entrepreneur overnight. She had no business experience before. One day she came up with an idea and turned it into a multinational corporation with over 400 stores in 12 countries. She believes that there is no right way to business success and that anyone is capable of succeeding.


3. Melissa Kieling

She is another accidental entrepreneur who founded PackIt, which makes foldable, freezable lunch bags. PackIt has been named one of the fastest growing private companies. Kieling, a single mother who at one point had just some dollars left in her account, said that she started PackIt at her kitchen table after years of finding ways to
keep the fresh healthy lunches she packed for her kids.