Shaping The Ideas

Generating an idea is somewhat simple but implementing it, is a hard nut to crack. Every time you observe or experience a problem, thousands of ideas cross your mind simultaneously. It is easy to come up with new ideas, but astonishing at every new idea may lead to overwhelming. Before start working on an idea, you must know that how serious and passionate you are about the particular idea. Working simultaneously on different idea might break your train of thoughts and you may drown between the two boats. So don’t try to spread yourself too thin and keep your mind on one track.

The flow is stated which does not have a beginning or an end. It is sandwiched between arousal and control. So know your flows. Think on your feet, Identify which is ‘your’ abstract idea. Flirt with the ideas. Pick up the intangible idea among millions; which is out of the constraints and has the possibilities of the real world. Be cognizant; identify your strengths, weaknesses and available resources and then work accordingly.

When It Comes to Grief

The basic human tendency is to get threatened by the possible negative results and hesitate to start a new beginning. This is the basic problem which reduces the zeal and enthusiasm of people to enter into the field of entrepreneurship. This does not mean that you should not think about future, but it means we should not fear about the future.

There are always two consequences when we fail, either we lose our hope and start finding excuses for it, and start weeping over it or, we rise again with a smile on our face, a lesson from our downfall in our mind, and more enthusiasm in our spirit. But the ideal approach towards success is the second one. One should not let the situation overpower him, rather, he should overpower the situation, and if not so he should rise up again and again for that.
In entrepreneurship career also, there are many times, when we fail, but we should not see that as a failure, rather, we should visualize it as an experience and the next time we should apply that experience and again gear up ourselves towards our goal. Our approach should be like an ant, going back towards its anthill, no matter how many obstructions we place in its path; it will create its way. We should also remember one thing that, problems are there to be solved, not to get disappointed by them and get retarded.

Dharavi: Entrepreneurship In Its Rarest Form

Dharavi is home to hundreds of big-small scale businesses, from leather and textile industries to pottery and embroidery, huge recycling industry processing waste from other parts of Mumbai. It exports goods around the world with the economy over US$1 billion per year. Dharavi has endless talent and craftsman working harder and better every day to produce a variety of goods. And to bring these entrepreneurs and artist on the platform of world approach and exploration, is doing the wonder in the entrepreneurial sky.

An E-Commerce Never Seen Before

E-Commerce is increasing exponentially, the effect of technology’s advancements and reach has strengthened and spread e-commerce, understanding the potential Megha Gupta founded ‘’ in August 2014. The company has 1000s of registered craftsmen providing various products with variations in design and ranges.

Richest of The Poors

The smooth and transparent working of the system has countered the turbulence in the market of Dharavi. Artisans in Dharavi were just laborers due to unavailability of rigid linkage to the world, they were stuck in the mire of profane routes, step-ups like this are there channelizing the odds for the perfect even and adding to the great in reaching bigger numbers for business. Megha is heading for future to implement the Social Capital Credits Program (SoCC), which is the aim of their partnership with URBZ to improve the life quality of artisans and craftsmen.

This initiative is uniquely special as it has given the voice and vision for the dingy and drowned cells of Dharavi, people living their reflect their culture with work, the recognition for their work is making not to just for their bread but also for their social integrity.