Entrepreneurship is not about just creating a company but about the journey of walking on the path full of thorns and obstacles till you reach the success. It is like moving from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. It takes the courage and ability to remain comfortable in times of discomfort where the more you cultivate being at ease during the time of challenge, the greater your life will be.

Starting as an entrepreneur is like putting yourself on sale where every day you will experience new encumbrance and challenges. An entrepreneur is like an artist who is essentially a visualizer, who can visualize something and knows how exactly to make it happen. An entrepreneur should have a healthy dose of desire to reach their big vision if they want to eventually arrive at success. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to get started with your first endeavor; you need to get started with your first endeavor to be an entrepreneur. Don’t stop on
failure; keep moving ahead on the journey of achieving something.