Shaping The Ideas

Generating an idea is somewhat simple but implementing it, is a hard nut to crack. Every time you observe or experience a problem, thousands of ideas cross your mind simultaneously. It is easy to come up with new ideas, but astonishing at every new idea may lead to overwhelming. Before start working on an idea, you must know that how serious and passionate you are about the particular idea. Working simultaneously on different idea might break your train of thoughts and you may drown between the two boats. So don’t try to spread yourself too thin and keep your mind on one track.

The flow is stated which does not have a beginning or an end. It is sandwiched between arousal and control. So know your flows. Think on your feet, Identify which is ‘your’ abstract idea. Flirt with the ideas. Pick up the intangible idea among millions; which is out of the constraints and has the possibilities of the real world. Be cognizant; identify your strengths, weaknesses and available resources and then work accordingly.