When It Comes to Grief

The basic human tendency is to get threatened by the possible negative results and hesitate to start a new beginning. This is the basic problem which reduces the zeal and enthusiasm of people to enter into the field of entrepreneurship. This does not mean that you should not think about future, but it means we should not fear about the future.

There are always two consequences when we fail, either we lose our hope and start finding excuses for it, and start weeping over it or, we rise again with a smile on our face, a lesson from our downfall in our mind, and more enthusiasm in our spirit. But the ideal approach towards success is the second one. One should not let the situation overpower him, rather, he should overpower the situation, and if not so he should rise up again and again for that.
In entrepreneurship career also, there are many times, when we fail, but we should not see that as a failure, rather, we should visualize it as an experience and the next time we should apply that experience and again gear up ourselves towards our goal. Our approach should be like an ant, going back towards its anthill, no matter how many obstructions we place in its path; it will create its way. We should also remember one thing that, problems are there to be solved, not to get disappointed by them and get retarded.