Entrepreneurship In Rural India

India is a country of villages where more than half of the population resides in rural areas. India’s progress is thus highly dependent on the development in the rural areas. India is predominantly a rural-based economy and its growth would have a significant impact on the growth of the country as well.

A Sea of Opportunities

Rural entrepreneurship will provide ample of opportunities to people who migrate from rural to urban areas in search of jobs. Rural entrepreneurship can also fill in the gap between the income imbalance of rural and urban people. There are many business fields in which rural people can enter into such as agro-based industries, handicraft industries, service industries and various other avenues to adopt entrepreneurship.

Make In India

By providing them with technology and entrepreneurial skills to grow local businesses and develop professional careers locally will help rural entrepreneurs to grow and boost in their respective areas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative focuses on making India a global manufacturing hub, by encouraging domestic companies to manufacture their products in the country. And this can be achieved only when we will think seriously about promoting entrepreneurship on a large scale and reaching out to every corner of our country.