Conquering The Start-Up Fear

“You cannot achieve success in any business without believing that it is the greatest business in the world…you have to put your heart in the business and business in your heart.” Getting started with an entirely new idea is really tough and scary too. As it is completely different from your daily routine and therefore what most people lack in, is the patience, determination and the ability to plan.

Where to Start?

Start by identifying overall mission of the company, set small competently achievable goals which will boost your confidence. Have a proper planning and work accordingly.Your mind is your greatest asset for success in business and confusions are obvious so accept all confusions but make your own decisions and stick to them. People may tell you that you are crazy for giving up a good job, but trust what you know and take action.

The ‘Right Time‘ to Start

Know that there is no ‘right time’ to start. Never let fear of failure stop from making new decisions. Just try. No matter if you fail. Try again, fail again and fail better. Remember you will be a loser only if you allow yourself to be. So believe in yourself, take on your challenges and dig deep within yourself
to conquer fears.

ER4U-Easy Retail For You

Retailers have a high risqué and complicated environment conditions to work in the tricky and tiresome tracts of trade. The retail market has to deal with the management of inventory and its cost, clearance of existing stock, e-commerce scenario and the challenges possessed by the competition of market situations. ER4U provides a service to retailers which deals with factors like purchase, inventory, sales, accounts, human resource and customer relationship management, benefiting store and e-commerce sales with easy to operate the software. The true increment and smooth proceeding in sells is the outcome for the retailers by the assistance of ER4U.

The Help Gained From Background

Abhinav Saxena and Sohil Bansal launched the startup in June 2015, which has now served more than 50 retailers in Indore and Bhopal. Coming from a retail business background they had the understanding of the economy of the retail market and also the retailer mindset, which made them realize about the discrepancy of the current scene challenges and the traditional method approach. The lack of proper infrastructure and state of distance from modern technology discourages the workflow.

Solving a Big Problem!

This unorganized sector excited them to work in this direction where they had a solution of a problem. The competition was not their priority of focus instead they had a clear intention of simplification of software and system. ER4U boarded suppliers onto the system enabling them to form an interactive community for the benefits of multidirectional interests. A single channel with every sect of interest is definitely the need of traders and
their suppliers and ER4U is their doing so, revolutionizing the market.