Entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges. if you’re going to dedicate yourself for starting and nurturing a business to success, it’s going to be nearly impossible to manage another career. One of the amazing things about entrepreneurs is that they don’t see barriers and their interpretation of these obstacles are simply that there is a challenge that lies ahead, and they can solve it. Another amazing thing about entrepreneurs is that they can think differently and innovate better than anyone. The way to create more economic opportunity in developing countries is to nurture and grow the community of entrepreneurs and encourage everyone to start a business that they are passionate about but there are many problems for starting of a business. Entrepreneurship by its nature is about solving problems. You need to reshuffle your resources in a different way. The great thing about all entrepreneurs is that they are by the nature, optimists. Every day entrepreneurs are using their sense of optimism to come up with solutions that normal people believe are impossible. By creating and inspiring more people to become entrepreneurs we change people’s perception of their own self-worth. One of best thing about entrepreneurship is that it encourages and increases the speed of innovation.